Our Navy Team provides expert consultant services through its wealth of insight and experience for the nation’s naval branch, its mission, and its requirements


The Navy team brings insight and experience across the board for the Navy, the Navy Mission, and the Navy requirements. Both the seniority and background of the Navy team members make them a valuable addition to any client team wanting to make inroads into Navy acquisition, procurement, logistics, IT, training and personnel programs as well as a clear understanding of the budget process.


  • Surface Warfare
  • Naval Aviation
  • Submarines
  • Supply Corps
  • Coast Guard
  • Medical
  • Seals
  • Human Resources
  • Personnel Training
  • Information Systems
  • Budget
  • Legislative Affairs
  • Readiness and Logistics
  • NATO
  • Tri-Care
  • Installations
  • Force Protection
  • Reconstruction

Meet our Navy Team