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Founded in 1993, The SPECTRUM Group is recognized as one of the premier government consulting and congressional relations firms in the Washington DC area with a proven performance in corporate consulting, competitive intelligence, strategic planning, community support for military installations, working with Congress, due diligence, international liaisons, and program execution.
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  • TSG forms strategic partnership with McKeon Group
    by spectrumgroup

    The SPECTRUM Group forms strategic partnership with the McKeon Group to assist California military communities The SPECTRUM Group is pleased to announce our strategic partnership with the McKeon Group, Inc., to assist California military communities protect and grow their defense […]

  • U.S. Trade Policy & Korea
    by spectrumgroup

    Why Do Recent Developments in U.S. Trade Policy Matter to Korea? By Evelyn M. Suarez and Gillian Jaeger Over the past four decades South Korea has experienced incredible economic growth and global integration to become a high-tech industrialized economy. In […]

  • President’s Clean Energy Budget
    by spectrumgroup

    A Review of The President’s Clean Energy Budget Request for FY17 President Obama’s budget for FY2017 requests a total of $32.5 billion for the Department of Energy, $30.2 billion of amount for discretionary spending, and $2.3 billion in mandatory spending. […]