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Founded in 1993, The SPECTRUM Group is recognized as one of the premier government consulting and congressional relations firms in the Washington DC area with a proven performance in corporate consulting, competitive intelligence, strategic planning, community support for military installations, working with Congress, due diligence, international liaisons, and program execution.
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  • Honoring the Fallen
    by spectrumgroup

    We gather on Memorial Day to remember and honor the uncommon valor and selfless service of those who died in conflict for the ideals of our Nation. They were Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines, men and women, from all races […]

  • Money Can’t Cure What Ails Veterans Affairs
    by spectrumgroup

    ‘Total VA funding has grown by nearly 86 percent from 2009,” says the headline of a document put out by the Department of Veterans Affairs this year in support of the agency’s fiscal year 2017 budget request for $182.3 billion. […]

  • President’s Clean Energy Budget
    by spectrumgroup

    A Review of The President’s Clean Energy Budget Request for FY17 President Obama’s budget for FY2017 requests a total of $32.5 billion for the Department of Energy, $30.2 billion of amount for discretionary spending, and $2.3 billion in mandatory spending. […]