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Founded in 1993, The SPECTRUM Group is recognized as one of the premier government consulting and congressional relations firms in the Washington DC area with a proven performance in corporate consulting, competitive intelligence, strategic planning, community support for military installations, working with Congress, due diligence, international liaisons, and program execution.
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  • Korean Export Consortium Hosted by TSG
    by spectrumgroup

    TSG to host the 2nd Annual Korean Export Consortium for Medical Equipment & Devices Event

  • The SPECTRUM Group/Principi Group Team, are co-sponsors of this year’s ADC NATIONAL SUMMIT 2015
    by spectrumgroup

    The SPECTRUM Group/Principi Group Team, are co-sponsors of this year’s ADC NATIONAL SUMMIT 2015, to be held in Washington DC June 21-24.  In addition, The SPECTRUM Group’s BRAC Team Co-lead, Major General (Ret.) Mike Jones will be moderating a panel at […]

  • The Budget Cuts and How They Affect the Department of Homeland Security
    by spectrumgroup

    No doubt you’ve heard much in the news about the budget sequester and the surrounding political fallout. But the effects of the sequester go far beyond politics—many government departments, including those tasked with keeping Americans safe, are now facing burdensome […]